Ashoka Tonic

for Utrine fibroid A uterine tonic for delayed & irregular menses, Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhea (painful menses), Menorrhagia , Weakness and anaemia due to leucorrhoea. Pain in back and tired feeling during menses.

COMPOSITION OF THE HOMEOPATHIC DILUTION:Abroma Aug. Q, Abroma Radix Q, Aletris Far. Q, Alfalfa Q, T. Arjuna Q, Berberis Vul. Q, Caulophyllum Th. Q, Cinchona Off. Q, Crateagus Oxy. Q, Ashoka Q, Pulsatilla Nig. Q, Viburnum Pr. Q, Kali Brom. 1X. (In equal proportion)

Packing: 60 Ml

Dosage:-1Ml T.D.S or as directed by the Physician.