Infertility Drops

Non-specific Anoestrus, Weak or Silent Heat.

Content:Aletries Farinose 30, Cal phos 30, Sepia 30, Pulsatila 30, Phosporus, Armur 30.

Packing:60 ML.

10ML BD for at least 21 days.

Infertility is expressed as a degree of reduced Fertility and Sterlity is to express complete inability to bear young . Undoubtely , in cattle infertility, incidence is high which cause serious economic human losses . Infertility is not a disease in itself . It is the end result of various errors of management and a large group of diseases . Infertility must have have its origin dysfunction an in the abnormalities of the uterus and fallopian tubes.Infertility may be the temporary or permanent. , following are causes of infertility where Homeopathic treatment benefit .There are four factors which causes infertility (Embaryonic )1. Temperamental factor 2. Early Embaryonic Mortality Endocrine Dysfunction. This is the common manifestation. Silent Heat is the major factor of failure of breeding.
ANOESTRUS : when the animal express no ovarian activity and oestrous cycle , the condition is named as anoestrus . these are five stages of oestrus cycle i.e. Pro-oestrus,OestrusMetroestrus ,Dioestrus , Amoestruscyctic ovaries is the major cause of infertility Persistent corpus leutem frequent return to service or failure to hold and salpangitis is the condition where there is inflamation the fallopian tubes in bovines.