Organic Poultry Farming

For More Eggs, More Weight & Disease free Birds

Packing:1000 ML

Dosage:-100 ml B.D for 1000 Birds.

Homeopathic medicines are equally efficient in the treatment of poultry disease . They are economical easy to administer safe and quick acting . Poultry industry is Growing fast and for better results and higher profits more and more poultry farmers are Switching over homeopathic medicine. Intensive raising of poultry in commercial farms Inevitably exposes the flock of various diseases which causes the mortality and loss of Earning due to diseases in poultry can be minimized with homeopathic medicines Prepared from Homeopathic Medicines.

In many states in India e.g. Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh , Punjab , Haryana, homeopathic medicines are commonly used in poultry disease of its low cost , safe, and quick action . These medicines increases egg production and growth of the birds. These drugs can be readily mixed in water. We are manufacturing vet medicines at Khanna City under the Punjab Govt. License. Our product Doodh Ganga is approved by P.A.U. and is highly appreciated by vet Doctors in North India . Now I m introducing a new formula to increase the egg production and also increases the weight of the broiler. I have used the worlds famous homeopathic Medicine in my formula , which will increase the resistance of the birds. We can use the formula as preventive for the following disease: Coccidioses, ranikhet, C.R.D. fowl prox, fowl cholera, stress, bumble foot , prolapse of cloaca. Most important aspect of the is formula is that only ten doses are sufficient for egg production , more weight and disease prevention .so , I am appealing to the poultry owners to use this medicine for the benefit of the chicks.

Our pharmacy has received the prize at Pant nagar university at All India Farmer Fair on March 18, 2004 In the above formulae alfalfa an lacern grass and California clover Extract potentised is a constituent which is rich in all the amino acid essential in poultry. This formula increases the egg production in layers and promotes growth in broilers, cockerels and young chicken the nutritive . Value of alfalfa can be gauged from its chemical composition .

chemical composition .
1 Crude protein - 19.3%, 
2 Calcium - 1.5%,
3 Phosporus - 0.25%, 
4 Copper - 6.20%
5 Magnesium  - 0.06%,
6 Iron up to max - 0.16%, 7 Cabalt - 0.14%,
8 Zinc and Selenium 8 ppm on dry weight per pound Alfalfa also contains vitamins B-1,
B-2, niacin, folic acid ,tocoferol, and oestrogen in sufficient quantities to meet the needs
of cattle and birds. Argeinine, histidine, isolucine, baline and crystine amino acid make
alfalfa a natural tonic . I have used alfalfa zing sing Echinacea and five phosescalferrum
kalinatrum mag phos. Ging-Seng :Ging-Seng has a selective action on brain and
Nervous System.Favourably influencing their nutritive function.Eachinacea : We are
indebted to the Electic School for this remarkable medicine as a corrector of Blood
Dyscrasia – Acute Auto Infections .Carbovej : 30, VetrumAlb 30 , Belladona - 30,