Agro Homeopathic Based “SHWISS BHEU SHAKTI”(T.M)

10 Micro Nutrients for More Growth of Plants.

Cost effective sustainable and organic fertilizers and inoculants. Our growers are finding the improvements they get from sustainable inputs justify their purchase. Our trial data demonstrates these improvements.

Content:Phosphorus, Magnesium Phos, Calcium Cal Phos, Urea, Sulphur, Iron (FerrumPhos), Zinc, Boron, Selenium, Natmur

Dosage:-Mix 1000ml with 160 ltr's of water

Many growers are concerned about a steady decline in soil quality which is reflected in reduced organic matter levels, higher fertilizer use, reduced quality and uniformity of produce and compacted soils (requiring more horsepower). Growers are increasingly interested in zero and low residue disease control.
All our products are designed to work synergistically with nature to improve crop health by improving soil biological activity, enhancing the soil and increasing the plant's ability to photosynthesize.
Why our products and programs work!
o   Improved soil moisture
o   Combination of available and slow release nutrients
o   Naturally balanced fertility
o   Increased beneficial microbial activity
o   Improved fertilizer uptake
o   Reduced leaching of fertilizer
o   Buffers soils against salinity
o   Improved root growth
o   Improved soil health - safe for soil microbes
To start getting these improvements this season we strongly recommend trialling a block now and measuring the improvements!
Stronger Plants - Better Yields - Sustainable Systems

Healthy soil=healthy plants=healthy people

• Benefits
• Aim & Targets
• How & When
• What is need of new Pesticides System?
• Pesticides & Children
• Pesticides & Pregnant Woman
• Degradation of Pesticides
• What is Plant Protection?

Homeopathic natural pesticides
Non Toxic & Non Harmful Broad-spectrum pesticides
SBS is a Homoeopathic & Natural based & broad-spectrum in which Highly diluted and potentized Homoeopathic medicines are used as active ingredients. These medicines are active against parasites, Viruses & insects but not detectable in lab analysis. For detection, Different mother tinctures are used in different ratios.This is a Unique research work of Dr.R.P.Shukla  who is working on this project For the last 31 years without help of any govt. & private department. Homeopathic natural pesticides, a relatively new science, use a Different model, which is economically practical and amenable to very rustic conditions. It is socially beneficial and, most importantly, it’s results are easily replicable It strengthens the plant’s own vital force, balances the soil and works at solving the ailments Permanently through a systemic approach, and without any collateral effects. In the same way as it occurs in each living organism, the plant possesses a genetic memory which is continually enriched. An abrupt modification of its genetic material not only produces a different and genetically modified organism, but Leaves a trace of this genetic change in its cellular memory. Homoeopathic & Natural not only treats the disease symptoms of the plant and performs preventive actions; traumas retained in the Biological memory of the plant, but can also control the insects without any side effects. Of the pesticides that are used, far less than 1% actually reaches a target organism; the rest ends up
Contaminating the air, soil, water, plants and animals. Furthermore while farmers use three times the amount of agricultural chemicals today than they did forty years ago we are still losing about 1/3 of
Our crops to pests; which is about the same as forty years ago, so there is need for new system of medicine. Homeopathic natural pesticides in Agriculture Utilizing homeopathic
dynamizations on plants guarantees non-toxicity, because their mode of preparation assures that there is no poison & chemical. Homeopathic natural pesticides have enormous potential as it covers the majority of crops and enables crop abundance and nutritive yields.
Important benefits of these pesticides include:
• Economic savings
• preservation of the natural ecology
•  Low cost
•  It will not damage the predators& soil organism.
•  None Poisons Non chemical & Non Harmful pesticides.
• Pollution Factor is zero.
• 100% Safe for humans, livestock, & plants.
• Ideal for aerial spray.
• Local manufacturing.
• Safe for natural enemies of insects.
• Growth Regulator.
• No residue in crop.
• No harmful effect on soil chemistry.
• No harmful effect on Ground water.
• No foreign exchange involved.
• It will not injure micro flora and fauna
• Easy storage because not inflammable.
• It can also reverse damage already present in the ground because of
The use of fertilizers or pesticides, or excessive salinity.
•  Produce the poison & chemical free crops.
•  Produced the non chemical & non-poison pesticides.
•  To establish the local pesticide industry in India.
•  Save the peoples from side effects of pesticides.
•  To Improve the Quantity & quality of crops.
•  To reduce the import of pesticides.
• To promote the export of homeopathic natural pesticides.
•  Save & earn the foreign exchange
MODE OF ACTIONS: Homeopathic natural pesticides are contact and systemic pesticides which have special drug affinity towards the oxidation centre of the pest and cause the suffocation which results in mortality of the pest. The predators are not affected because of the anatomical difference between parasite Predators. Repellent: Insects simply straw away from areas sprayed with Homeopathic natural pesticides and therefore, no damage caused Further.Crop Growth Regulator: Homeopathic natural pesticides are growth Regulator, which improve the growth and yield.